Examples of social policies that affect families include TANF, SNAP, Housing Choice Voucher Section 8, Head Start, Child Care Block Grant, Family Medical Leave Act, Medicaid, Minimum Wage, Title IV-E reimbursements for foster care, and much more. Be sure to choose a policy of specific interest to you; you will be using this issue as the basis for all the writing assignments in this course and will be asked to explore how the issue is relevant (or not) to your own family history.

As part of your analysis, you will need to incorporate at least seven peer-review journal articles and any other scholarly sources to support your points, including one reference from the Congressional Research Service’s Search CRS ReportsLinks to an external site.. Only one peer-reviewed article may be older than five years.

Write a five-page paper analyzing a social issue or problem affecting families at the national and federal level. Include the following in your submission:
Provide an introduction that succinctly describes the issue or problem that affects families and identifies its scope and prevalence. In addition to our course readings, you will need to review the literature on the social issues or problem you select in order to respond to some of the requirements below.
Discuss the root causes of the issue or problem that affects families.
Discuss discriminatory practices that could affect one’s mobility and social experiences within the United States in relation to the issue or problem.
Discuss at least one opposing view of what caused the issue or problem.
Describe how specific individuals, groups, communities, et cetera may be affected positively and negatively by this issue or problem.
Discuss how the issue or problem impacted your own family history or what it was like for your family if they did not experience these discriminatory practices.

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