Mental illnesses

mental illness can affect anyone. Although some people have more risk factors that may make them more susceptible to experiencing symptoms of mental illness, it can and does happen to people from all walks of life. We know that our country seems to pay more attention to the wealthy and those with influence. Has associating mental illness with famous actors/actresses, politicians, and entertainers helped to make it more “ok” to seek help?

Assignment: Find an article or video about well-known actors/actresses, politician, or entertainer who has openly admitted that they suffer from a mental illness. The article should discuss a specific mental illness (Ex. – schizophrenia, bipolar, depression, personality disorder, PTSD, etc.)

Copy and paste the provided prompts into your document and then place your answers below the questions. Five (5) points will be deducted if the information is not formatted correctly.


1) The name of the person you will be discussing and their profession – Be specific (2 pts)

2) The name of the illness the person suffers from – Be specific (2 pts)

3) The name or link to the article or video you are using – (2 pts)

4) At least 2 of the main symptoms associated with the illness – Be specific (5 pts)

An explanation about how the affected person hopes to bring awareness to that particular illness (Must be at least 3 sentences in length – 6 pts)

An explanation about how or if you think their approach to discussing their condition will help bring awareness and/or funding for a cure to the illness 

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